"The Transformational Journey from Gettysburg was the best leadership development experience I've had in my 27-year career." –National Park Service

Dynamic Keynotes

Session at a Glance

  • 45 minutes to 2 hours
  • humorous and entertaining
  • impactful take-aways

The Keynote Address:
Lessons from Gettysburg

The lessons learned from Gettysburg are just as relevant to your organization today as they were in the summer of 1863.

Gettysburg was the home of one of our nation’s most important public events—the Gettysburg Address. Steve’s experiences while living in this historic town and his personal challenges have inspired his own words.

Through his unique and humorous style of presentation, Steve has garnered the praise of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies who have implemented his leadership and sales techniques.

Steve’s personal history as an entrepreneur, author, sales executive, franchise founder and keynote speaker come together in this presentation to provide an enjoyable and unique learning opportunity – and some of the best laughs you’ve had in years. As you “listen until it hurts,” this session will alter the way you see yourself. His strategies will ensure your ability to get your way while expending fewer resources of time, money, schedules and people—whether you are selling, leading, negotiating or producing.

It is our unwavering belief that people extend the greatest consideration to people they like and that all of us can improve our personal results by learning to boost our likability in the eyes of others.

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