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June 2012

"Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?"

Are women better leaders than men? That’s the question that researchers Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman recently asked in a Harvard Business Review blog posting. More…

May 2012

"The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs"

April was a busy month for us here at The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg, and I found myself on the road a great deal last month. More…

April 2012

"Golden Circle"

Happy spring from Gettysburg! This month, I would like to share a very powerful video with you. It is presented by author Simon Sinek… More…

March 2012

"Measure Success"

What is your definition of leadership success? Is it reflected in your title or in your salary? Is it embodied by the posh corner office? More…

February 2012

"Think Strategically but Act Tactically"

This month, I'd like to focus on strategy. Does your organization have one? Does your strategy give you a competitive advantage? More…

January 2012

"Creating and Reviewing Lists"

Happy New Year! We hope 2012 is off to a great start for you and that this year brings you lots of opportunities to lead and succeed. More…

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Press Releases

Below are press releases from the Lincoln Leadershp Institute.

LLI and CHCI form partnership

Gettysburg PA, June 22, 2011 — The partnership between The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg (LLI) and the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) is designed to create better government through its investment in its people. More…

Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg Expands Leadership Development to Normandy

Gettysburg PA, July 7, 2010 — Starting in the spring of 2011, the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg will begin offering clients a leadership development program based in Normandy, France, drawing on the historic World War II invasion. More…

Allentown Charter School Students to Receive Free Leadership Development in Gettysburg

Gettysburg PA, March 24, 2010 — On April 14 and 15, students from Allentown’s Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School will experience leadership development sought after by the nation’s top executives at the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg (LLI). More…

New Museum Honors Lincoln’s Work on Gettysburg Address

By Sean D. Hamill, New York Times

Gettysburg PA, February 11, 2009 — When President Abraham Lincoln came to this small town in south-central Pennsylvania in 1863, to help dedicate Soldiers’ National Cemetery, he needed a place to stay the night before. More…

New museum examines Lincoln at Gettysburg

You could call it the original Lincoln Bedroom, but Abraham Lincoln didn't just sleep here.

Gettysburg PA, February 10, 2009 — The second-floor room that overlooks Gettysburg's town square was also where Lincoln put the finishing touches on his Gettysburg Address. The concise yet powerful speech dedicated a national cemetery at the site of North America's bloodiest battle and envisioned "a new birth of freedom" in a nation divided over slavery and states' rights. More…

Gettysburg house where Lincoln stayed opens Thursday

By Tom Barnes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Gettysburg PA, February 9, 2009 — The latest attraction for tourists in this historic town is set to open Thursday and for the first five days tourists can check it out for free.

The David Wills house, a stately, three-story, red-brick structure on the corner of Lincoln Square will open on Thursday, which, not coincidentally, would have been the 200th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. More…

Holidays of the Past Come to Life at Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

What was life really like in Gettysburg during the Christmas holidays of 1863?

Gettysburg PA, December 23, 2008 — What was life really like during the holidays of the Civil War? That question is answered in an article released today from battlefield guide and Civil War expert Joe Mieczkowski of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg. More

Leaders of Swagelok / North Carolina take a Transformational Journey
from Gettysburg

CEO Steve Smith and his team learned valuable leadership lessons at Steven Wiley’s Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg.

Gettysburg, PA, November 18, 2008 — CEO Steve Smith and his team of executives graduated last month from the three-day Transformational Journey from Gettysburg, a leadership training program designed by nationally-renown motivational speaker Steven B. Wiley, president of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg. More…

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