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December 2010

"Fostering Employee Engagement"

I suggest that we, as leaders, make it our mission in 2011 to change the level of workforce engagement. Let's do everything in our power to make our colleagues and followers feel as engaged as possible in the coming year! But how can we do that, you ask? More…

October 2010


I just learned of a new genre of leadership studies that is really cutting edge. It is "neuroleadership." This is a new term coined just last year to describe the practice of studying leadership behaviors through neuroscience. In other words, scientists are now using electroencephalograph, or EEG machines, and MRIs to study the brain waves of executives to see why they make the decisions they do. More…

September 2010

"Principles of Leadership"

As a result of past experiences, I learned a lot about leadership and what real teamwork looks like. Some of these lessons came to mind again just the other day when reading an article titled Nine Principles of Leadership for Entrepreneurs. In it, author Marty Zwilling shares some great thoughts on how to improve your company—be it your own startup or within one of the Fortune 500. More…

August 2010

"Take Risks Intelligently"

In war, taking risks can mean losing lives. Although risks in the business world may not result in actual casualties, they can result in diminished resources, decreased productivity and lost time. A favorite example of mine is a conversation about risk between Longstreet and Lee on the Battle of Gettysburg's third day. More…

July 2010

"Engage Your Followers"

One of the most challenging things to determine as a manager/leader is what motivates our followers. Is it recognition and praise? Is it having clearly defined goals and providing support? Is it the same for all of our followers, or does the "different strokes for different folks" idea apply here? More…

June 2010

"Be Creative"

Are you a creative person? What value do you put on creativity? Well, according to a recent survey conducted by IBM, 1,500 corporate heads from 60 nations and 33 industries rated creativity as the most important leadership quality in business. More…

May 2010

"Energy— essential to leadership"

Let’s talk this month about energy. Now I don’t mean the kind of energy used to fuel a car or heat your house. The kind of energy to which I am referring is the energy that leaders need to be successful. More…

April 2010

"Secrets' to Leadership Success"

Last month we talked about the 20 companies who "do" leadership best.  This month let's take a look through a different lens – let's look at the "secrets" that make these companies great. More…

March 2010

"Who are the Best?"

What companies "do" leadership best?  Well, according to a recent survey conducted by BusinessWeek.com/Hay Group, the ranking of the 20 Best Companies for Leadership includes companies as varied as General Electric, Southwest Airlines, IKEA and Zappos. More…

February 2010

"It's the people business!"

Those of you who have heard me speak know that this phrase is one of my favorites and one that I most firmly believe in. More…

January 2010

If you are feeling stressed at this very moment, raise your hand. I'm guessing that if you are a "Type A" personality, as many leaders are, your hand — at least metaphorically — is up. More…

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