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Allentown Charter School Students to Receive Free Leadership Development in Gettysburg

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Gettysburg, PA—March 24, 2010—On April 14 and 15, students from Allentown’s Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School will experience leadership development sought after by the nation’s top executives at the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg (LLI).

Through a partnership between LLI founder Steven B. Wiley and the school, 25 of the school’s top students will receive a free day of leadership development, relating lessons learned from the Battle of Gettysburg to the daily challenges they face in their lives.

The students will undergo the same experience that Wiley and his team have offered to thousands of executives, including those from Apple, the Ford Motor Company, ExxonMobil, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. USA Today says Wiley’s leadership development is “the most powerful performance training available,” while ABC News called Wiley “the best speaker you’ve never heard of!”

As part of the experience, students will visit the Museum and Visitors Center at Gettysburg National Military Park; the David Wills House, where Abraham Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address; and sites on the battlefield. Their two-day visit will include an overnight stay sponsored by Wiley and the Historic Gettysburg Hotel.

Focused on helping students in grades 6 through 9 who come from high-risk environments, the Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School aims to provide its students with a quality education and the promise of a better life.

Using a holistic approach, the school incorporates the students’ social, emotional and academic development, said Lincoln Leadership Academy Principal, CEO and Founder Sandra Figueroa-Torres.

“When you have a passion for that, and you see how you’re losing kids every day—young people who have tremendous potential, tremendous gifts, tremendous talent—that was the catalyst behind [founding the school],” said Figueroa-Torres, a veteran educator familiar with the struggles of children living in urban areas.

The school’s objective is to equip its students— of whom 80% are Latino, 15% are African American and 5% are white— with the necessary tools they need to achieve their potential. “I’ve always had a heart for the kids who I call ‘kids with promise living in at-risk environments,’” she said. “They have all of the odds stacked against them.”

Wiley is looking forward to working with the students during their upcoming visit.

"The truth about leadership is that you learn to be a better leader—and a better person—from every encounter that you have," Wiley said. "I am looking forward to working with these bright, young people and to having us grow together to make an impact on the future."

About Steven B. Wiley

Steven B. Wiley is a proven entrepreneur, author and highly acclaimed speaker who has trained and entertained tens of thousands of top executives from around the world. He receives—without exception—the highest ratings possible from his audiences, which include the top executives from the world headquarters of Apple, Merck, State Farm, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, Black & Decker, Shell, IBM, Caterpillar, the L.A. Times, Orlando Sentinel, USA Today/Gannett, Pharmetica, Frigidaire, Century 21, Johnson & Johnson, PhRMA, ExxonMobil and the Ford Motor Company. His business experience includes the founding of three companies: two international franchise organizations and a national chain of fleet management centers. He has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar funding agreements for his own companies with some of the top venture capital organizations in the world.

Steve brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of successful marketing, negotiation, sales and business development. His lucrative and varied high-ticket consultative selling and negotiating, experience began more than twenty years ago and includes tens of millions of dollars in the sales of companies, divisions, hard goods and services. His strong leadership ability has earned him recognition in top publications, including Venture Magazine, USA Today and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Steve’s speaking experience includes three years as National Spokesperson for the Quaker Oats/Pritikin Longevity Centers for whom he has been featured in television commercials and advertisements in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and New York Times. Over the past ten years, he has conducted thousands of seminars on negotiation, sales leadership and wellness for numerous public and private sector organizations.

He is the President of The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg and the founder of the Institute’s Communicating with Executive Presence program as well as its Transformational Journey from Gettysburg leadership development experience.